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Checking out the prehistoric site in Olorgesalie, Maasailand, Kenya. Photo taken in 2008.

This section is a work in progress. It will not just be about who I am (a topic I find a bit boring, presumptuous, and self-serving) but will also be about my interests and advocacies, and what animates and sets me on fire, from the frivolous to the serious, framed from a feminist and people’s perspective. (The “about me” section in my old website was the usual predictable bio profile blah blah.)

The increasingly pervasive corporate control over people’s lives in this neoliberal globalized world is one of my consuming concerns –  how the existing world order favors big business – the 1% if you will – to the detriment of the planet, the environment and the people. From cradle to grave, we are enslaved by the profit-over-people imperative of big business, from the food we eat that impacts on our health and well-being (remember how infant milk formula companies managed to convince mothers to give up breastfeeding in the name of modernity)  to our right to free/affordable, quality, scientific and mass-oriented education, to our right to high quality public health services, to clean and affordable drinking water, to the clothes we wear, to the state of our mental health, to drug addiction, to commodification of women, to the deplorable farming of animals and the heartbreaking trade of wildlife. The list is endless.

I also have a very soft spot for our companion animals, particularly cats. I share my home with the #FourFabulousFelines #SasscatStoneySenaStella who are all rescue cats on barf aka #BiologicallyAppropriateRawFood. I have also rescued two other catsies who I have successfully had adopted out to other cat lovers. You can follow the adventures of my kitty cats on their instagram account @sasscat.stoney.sena.stella ^_^

At any rate, this page and website will be repopulated again. Right now, I am still making sense of wordpress and this theme! Question for you – free theme or paid theme? What works for you?





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