Where do we go from here?


What interests me?

Photography? Art? Books? Food? Music? Lifestyle? Travel? Cinema? Fashion? Culture? Health and beauty? Fitness? Puzzles and board games? Relationships?  Conversations, for sure.

What inspires me?

Brave people. Innovators. Visionaries. People with conviction. People who impact life. The oft mentioned “ordinary people who do extraordinary things.” Revolutionaries.

What moves me?

Animals in need? Violence against women and children? Despoliation of the environment?  Climate (in)justice? Greed of big business and their power and control over almost all aspects of our lives? Whole groups of people driven from their land?

What galvanizes me?

Fashion bores me but corporate-led fast fashion created by women on starvation wages toiling in sweatshops and crowded in substandard living spaces anger me. Pesticide-laden GM cotton and one-season-only disposable clothes choking landfills or the secondhand markets of Africa, Asia, Latin America added to the scenario riles me.

Kittens and cats and puppies and dog melt my heart but abused mistreated thrown away cats, dogs, and other hapless tortured creatures, especially in the name of profit, boil my blood.

So many things still to say, learn, do, discover, experience, create, love, and share.

So where do we go from here?



About Marlene

visual anthropologist, documentarist, bookworm, occasional gardener, avid augmented reality gamer, bleeding heart, rescuecat mom, frustrated singer and musician, dreamer
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